What’s Included?

  1. Review current subscriptions vs.your active employee list. Identify unused, unnecessary licenses and other opportunities for cost savings.
  2. Perform Secure Score Review focusing on basic protections every company should have.
  3. Ensure that Auditing is turned on.
  4. Ensure default lockout policy is changed to meet your requirements. We recommend 3 attempts, lockout for 60 minutes. Some of our clients prefer 5 attempts or 30 minutes duration…
  5. Ensure Multi-factor Authentication is enforced (at minimum for your Global Administrator accounts). Ideally, all users of Microsoft (Office) 365 should have Multi-factor Authentication enforced, all the time.
  6. Show you the options for Geo-Location security. Block the countries people can login from or send email from. Determine the best fit for your business.
  7. Are you irritated that you keep getting email spam from people pretending to be from your company? A simple Anti-spoofing rule can stop this nonsense in its tracks!
  8. Are you using Teams®, SharePoint®, OneDrive®? Do you wish you could? Are you happy with how they function? We start with two 1-hour sessions to learn about your collaboration challenges and needs. We show you how to achieve the objectives you want.
  9. Totally new to Teams and wondering if it can help you? We demonstrate how our clients use the Apps today to keep day-to-day business operations working at top efficiency!

What’s Needed?

  • Sign-up with our simple Contact Form. Provide the best day/time for a brief call to review your goals and make the necessary arrangements to get started.
  • We will need to arrange an administrator account on your Microsoft (Office) 365 Tenancy for the duration of this audit.
  • We will need a current list of your active employees who use Office and/or Email.
  • Decide who you want to participate in our two, 1-hour collaboration and productivity sessions.
  • Invite whomever you want to our Teams/Sharing demo.
  • From sign-up to completion, we estimate the audit should take about 2 weeks.