Saved the Day

I was in a spot needing a design for the company Christmas Card. I knew Kevin as an IT guru for years so I asked him if he could recommend a graphic designer. He recommended a designer called Gary who produced an outstanding design for me the same day. It’s so nice to have Kevin and MSP IT on hand to provide great solutions 😊

Kara Logan, Tenant Liaison Officer

Part of the Team

I have worked with Kevin over a number of years in his previous company.  Kevin was always my go-to person, so I had a relationship with him rather than the company.

When our contract was up with our existing IT service provider, I had no hesitation in coming to him to look after our IT.  MSP IT Partners installed our entire office system, and they provide maintenance and solutions in a very timely manner.  Kevin is part of the Make Events team.

What I found most supportive was as lockdown hit, Kevin approached us with an offer to waive our service charges to help our cash flow.  They were the only supplier to do this.

5 Stars – Highly recommended!

Holly Moore, Founder & CEO

Server Migration

THANK YOU!  I’m so happy to hear everything went so well.  Everything seems to be working great this morning.  Thank you for working over the weekend to make sure the transition was smooth and without business interruption.  I know it’s not fun to lose a day of the weekend but know it’s greatly appreciated.  It’s a relief to know we are in such good hands with y’all for large transitions like this!

Madeline, Chief Administrative Officer

Network Overhaul

Catherine and her partners have been instrumental in getting our company’s server and network environment on the right track after years of mismanagement, sub-standard equipment, and poor service with another company. She and her team worked diligently for over 6 months to rebuild all of our equipment, cabling, domain controller settings and network settings so that we could finally get back to work without our PC’s or software crashing almost every week.

Catherine’s ability to be both personable and knowledgeable when working with us has been a huge relief. We finally feel in control of our network and our workstations, and have utmost confidence that MSP IT Partners will continue to steer this ship in the right direction.

Heather Barton, Marketing Director

Improved Performance

YAY!!! Thank you everyone for all your great hard work! I know this project was a beast. Performance seems to be improved and cabling is SO much cleaner running through the office. Thank you, thank you!

Madeline Weitz, Dir. of Strategic Planning & Innovation

People Before Profits

In 2017, we retained MSP IT Partners to perform our first, comprehensive IT Risk Assessment. Having gone through several staffing changes in the past few years, and investing very heavily in new Cloud-based applications to manage our membership and programs, we were unsure how well our current structure and models aligned with our changing business and organizational needs.

In fewer than 30 days, the firm provided us with an incredibly in-depth draft report and had already identified a few critical risk items we needed to address immediately. They did not just tell us the problem, but actively partnered with us to remedy and provide solutions that we could afford and that fit our needs.

Even though it was beyond scope, MSP IT Partners adjusted and supported us in everything from implementing end-to-end, best practices, backup/offsite replication and disaster recovery solutions, asset management and license / warranty renewal automation, upgrade, consolidation, and standardization improvements, and even staff performance evaluations and training recommendations. They found us the best deals for equipment and services, even providing some themselves as direct pass-through or by recommending their competitors support a given need.

MSP IT Partners showed us over and over again how much they cared about the well-being of our organization, putting people before profits!

Catherine and her partners were forthright, honest – sometimes bluntly so – and energetically competent in helping us navigate a full scale transformation of our IT and IS operations. We at the Marcus Jewish Community Center appreciate all they have done for us and recommend them highly.

Janice Wolf, Chief Financial & Administrative Officer

Range of Solutions

Thank you for the very thorough response of you and those in your organization.  I continue to be impressed with the range of solutions you bring to the table.  I look forward to getting a long-term solution ironed out.

William Renshaw


Catherine is a truly unique individual. As smart as the come, and even more humble. She truly enjoys collaborating with people to explore ideas, and is never afraid to dig in and do the hard work to make things happen. She was a blessing to have on my team and I’d jump at the chance to work with her again.

Von Wright

Business & IT

When we needed a partner to evaluate our recent technology advances, we chose the only company that understands the business side and brings together business and technology.

Chip Carper, Director of Information Technology
Bauguess Management Company