Endpoint Management

Inventory Management
From $2/Device
Inventory Hardware & Software
Backups for Insurance
License Compliance
Warranty Renewals
Managed Administration (Optional)
Network Monitoring
From $5/Device
24/7 Network Monitoring
Detect & Prevent Outages
Know What's Up or Down
Managed Network Operations Center
Buy Direct/Wholesale
PC's, Laptops & Mobile Devices
Procure, Build & Deploy
Windows OS / Apple iOS
Android / Linux
*Coming soon: Qubes & Virtual PC


Server & Network Infrastructure
Fixed Pricing/ T&M Options
New Installs & Upgrades
VMWare, Hyper-V, Xen Complimentary Cloud
On-Premises Assessments
Data Migration & Optimization
Data Applications
*Coming soon: Docker & SDN
Network Mapping
From $10/Subnet
Visualize Logical & Physical Topology
Understand Bottlenecks & Security Gateways
Size Replacement Hardware & Components
Update Capacity Planning Stats
Free Estimate
Cable Management/Drops/New Cabling/Tone & Label
New Low-voltage build-outs
Eliminate Single-points of failure / network choke points
All rewiring includes updated diagram documentation

User Support

Community Support
From $5/Device
Knowledgebase of interactive chat and search for your IT questions
How-to's, tutorials and vetted answers to key technical and system configuration issues.
Sometimes we just want to get the answer ourselves!
Help Desk
From $100/Site
Responsive Managed Ticketing
Systems-Generated or Self-Entry
We can address or route to your own IT team.
End-to-end management assures issues get fixed and will not occur again
Professional Help Desk
From $115/User
24x7x365 Help Desk Services
Direct Access phone/email/chat for each subscribed user
200+ certified Help Desk professionals mean no call backs and short wait times