Endpoint Management

Inventory Management
From $1 / Device
Inventory Hardware & Software
Backups for Insurance
License Compliance
Warranty Renewals
Managed Administration (Optional)
From $3 / Device
24/7 Network Monitoring
Detect & Prevent Problems
Know What's Up or Down
Managed Network Operations Center
Early Threat Detection
Remote Support
From $1.50 / Device
Assist Users with Issues Immediately
Training and Shadowing
Screen-Capture, Record Session
Perform Updates Off Hours
Install / Remove Software
Buy Direct/Wholesale
PC's, Laptops & Mobile Devices
Procure, Build & Deploy
Windows OS / Apple iOS
Android / Linux
10-20% Discounts available


Server & Network Infrastructure
Fixed Price / T&M Options
New Installs & Upgrades
VMWare, Hyper-V, Azure
On-Premises Assessments
Data Migration & Optimization
Line of Business Applications
Remote Desktop & VPN Appliances
Network Mapping
From $10/Subnet
Visualize Logical & Physical Topology
Understand Bottlenecks & Security Gateways
Size Replacement Hardware & Components
Update Capacity Planning Stats
Locate Rogue Devices
Standardize & Protect
Low Voltage Cabling
Free Estimates
Cable Drops/New Cabling/Tone & Label
New Low-voltage build-outs
Eliminate Single-points of failure / network choke points
Switch-Patch Maps
Best in Breed Cable Management
See our work!
Fixed Price / T&M Options
Site-to-Site VPNs
Branch offices; Cloud Infrastructure
Client VPNs for EndPoints
Setup / Repair / Troubleshoot
Maintain for Stability & Security
Routing Tables & Client Configuration Assistance

User Support

Ticket Management
From $2 / User
Track All Issues & user requests
Record Fixes for Future Reference
Know How Much You're Spending
Knowledgebase, How-to's, Tutorials, Vetted answers
Video and Screenshot Instructions
Easy to Follow!
Corporate Desktop Management
From $25 / User
Ensure Users' Workstations Maintained, Updated and Functioning
Basic connectivity, login, access
Basic Applications Functionality
Basic Printing Functionality
Basic Resets; New Profiles
Friendly, Responsive Support
Train the Trainer
Save $100 / User / Month
Internal Employees provide the best 1st Level Support
Fast, Responsive, Know your Business
We Train Your Employees
Build and Deploy new Workstations
Move / Reuse Workstations
Install / Update / Remove Line of Business Applications
Professional Help Desk
Fixed Price / T&M Options
Fast, Responsive, Personal Support Plans
Onsite & Remote
Flexible Hours that Fit Your Business
All Device Types, Peripherals, and Apps
Experienced Retained Professionals
You Won't Have to Repeat Yourself!