With all the recent disruptions wreaking havoc on small-to-medium-sized businesses, it can be comforting to know you are prepared for anything and operating in the most efficient & cost-effective manner possible.  Get your Microsoft 365® Audit today!

  1.  Make the most of your Investment!
    Businesses that use Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) have to rely on that service more than ever as they structure their teams to work from home, remotely.
    Maximize the collaboration capabilities of TEAMS, SHAREPOINT, EMAIL and other APPS produces a critical performance differentiator in these challenging times.
  2.  Minimize your License Spend!
    The vast staffing changes brought about by lockdowns and business suspensions can leave dangling subscriptions and unnecessary costs.

    • Does your organization have only the bare number of necessary user subscriptions?
    • Are you utilizing Shared Mailboxes to save on the expense of furloughed members?
    • Are 3rd party Antivirus and Backup subscriptions updated to the current user list?
  3. Stop intruders!
    COVID-19 scammers have ramped up their operations to an alarming level. People desperate for cash are hacking tenants on the Microsoft 365 platform at an unprecedented pace. Ensuring the Microsoft defaults are changed to protect your tenancy is vital:

    • Audit Logging turned on?
    • Lockout policy changed from 10 attempts, block for 60 seconds?
    • Multi-factor Authentication enforced?
    • Geo-IP blocking to prevent logins and email from various locations across the Globe and reduce the scope of threats you may be subjected to?

Proven Results from our Microsoft 365® Audit:

Our clients have seen cost savings of over $3,000 per year as a result of our License Spend reviews.

Every tenancy we have reviewed is missing the tiny, basic tweaks that can make your business safer and avoid the crushing embarrassment of a hacker sending 1000s of phishing emails from one of your employee’s email. We learned this the hard way, and take none of the “default” settings on trust. It’s an unreported risk of Microsoft’s platform and not obvious … until it happens to you!

Microsoft Office Apps are the predominant business productivity suite that small-to-medium-sized businesses utilize, but let’s face it… they’re not always easy to use. Microsoft introduces new functionality and changing existing every 30 days. It’s a whirlwind! We can help show and train your users to get the most out of the features that matter to your business needs. And we can set things up so they are easier to use and just work.

Microsoft 365 Audit performed by MSP IT Partners