All who are drawn here need no name.  We gravitate to (or are labeled) so many things.  For centuries, humans have called law and medicine and engineering the “noble professions.”  You probably at some point during the course of your career, be it short or long, wondered why that same respect and stature wasn’t proffered to you:

  • Aren’t the systems we build and support critical? And Important?
  • Haven’t they saved companies billions in just a few short years?
  • Haven’t they made start-up venture capitalists into billionaires – the unicorns?
  • And hasn’t the technology we’ve built and supported saved lives, made manufacturing and constructions safer, enabled amazing medical breakthroughs?  Heck, now it lets us travel through space, find planets and, if Uber has it’s way, drive flying cars!

We want you to come join us at MSP IT Partners.  As business partners, owners, associates or just colleagues and friends who want to exchange tips and war stories.

We welcome all people from all technical backgrounds and specialties.

Skills gotten rusty from disuse?  Want to learn a new coding language or infrastructure? Been out of the field for a while due to layoffs or medical/family emergencies?  We don’t care!  At MSP IT Partners we believe IT is a profession and it’s our duty our vocation our calling to train each other, help each other, and continually refine and improve the level of quality and service in our field.

We don’t have a laundry list of skill sets and required experiences that lists every technical term the recruiter could find on Google and that is, factually, impossible for any one person to master.

All disciplines.  All backgrounds. All circumstances.

We welcome you.


  To request more information or to speak with a partner, please Contact Us or email,  or phone +1 (404) 996-0370 (US) or +44 (0) 161 706 0559 (UK)