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At MSP IT Partners, IT's Personal!  With more than 20-years serving small businesses as their outsourced IT department, our Practice Partners all take direct, hands-on responsibility for delivering the best, most attentive services that are tailored to each of our clients' specific business needs.  We believe it's all about caring:  What's the impact? Does the solution meet this company's IT budget? When can we best perform the necessary preventative maintenance? How do we maximize client team member's productivity while still making sure all the computers and software are patched and updated?  What's the best TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)?  What's reasonable when it comes to IT security?

Professional Teamwork with MSP IT Partners

So how is MSP IT Partners taking care of businesses?  IT service providers talk a lot about "trusted partners," but what does that really mean?

Business-Technology Focus: Over and again we have seen Companies that let technology drive the business face instability and surprise crises. Whereas, Companies that require business goals and objectives to drive the selection and use of technology remain stable and prosperous. MSP IT Partners follows this best practice: Make technology fit the business, not visa-versa.

Understand Business Problems: The Practice Partners at MSP IT Partners not only bring years of expertise in the field of Information Technology, but also a wide diversity of higher educational training and experience.  We hold degrees of PhD in History; PhD. in Mathematics; Masters of Business Administration, Arts and Science; Bachelors of Science in Physics, Information Technology, and Biology! We are experienced in Accounting and Financial Planning as well Computers, Networks, Software, Cloud Services, and Application Development.  Several of us have served as Product Marketing specialists and Business Analysts.  It would be impossible for us to apply a business focus if we did not understand business management, strategy and administration!

Professional Attitude: Our advanced training and education is one aspect of the professional attitude that all partners in the Network cultivate.  We believe so strongly in education that we have established a formal training program as an intrinsic part of our business model.  New engineers go through intensive, 5-year Apprenticeship program before proceeding to Journeymen and then Master levels where they can specialize in one of the many, many fields of IT.  Information Technology has become so complex and so diverse that no one engineer could possibly "know it all!"  Our network of partnerships is designed to provide experts in all the critical areas matched with that sense of proprietary ownership and responsibility.  So, by "professional" we mean...

    • Known for our specialized knowledge
    • Holding a deep, personal commitment to develop and improve our skills... continuously
    • Where appropriate, we hold the degrees and certifications that serve as the foundation of this knowledge
 What matters, though, is that these professionals have worked in a serious, thoughtful and sustained way to master the specialized knowledge needed to succeed in their fields; and that they keep this knowledge up-to-date, so that they can continue to deliver the best work possible.
    • Competency:  As Professionals, we get the job done.  We're reliable and we keep our promises.  If circumstances arise -- and they always do in IT where Murphy's Law prevails! -- we manage expectations up front and do our best to make the situation right.  We warranty our work.  We don't charge for "do-overs" or when we make a mistake.  And when the big corporations who manufacturer the hardware and software that we implement fail, as they so often do, we share the burden with our clients.  Microsoft is the most challenging corporation of all our partners because their change management is so intrusive and uncontrolled.  Over and again, MSP IT Partners has split the cost of fixing major changes in Microsoft (Office) 365 that resulted in broken or lost functionality for our clients.

By "attitude" we mean:

    • Honesty and Integrity: We keep our word, and can be trusted implicitly because of this. We never compromise their values , and will do the right thing, even when it means taking a harder road.  We sweat the details.  If there's a license compliance issue, we'll address that directly and forthrightly.  Our limitations in securing 3rd party applications and cloud services are stated upfront, transparently.  We use all the solutions internally before recommending them to our clients so we are sure about their capabilities.  And when we can't know how something is going to impact the business, we tell you that and plan accordingly.
    • Humble: True professionals are humble – if a project or job falls outside our scope of expertise, we're not afraid to admit this. It is why we formed the Network.  We immediately ask for help when needed, and we're willing to learn from others.
    • Accountability: As professionals we each hold ourselves accountable for our thoughts, words, and actions, especially when they've made a mistake. This personal accountability is closely tied to honesty and integrity, and it's a vital element in professionalism.  We also do our best to stay professional under pressure.  We're human, so we have bad days too!  But when faced with bewildered end-users who may be frustrated and get irate, we do our best to exhibit true professionalism by maintaining a calm, business-like demeanor, and by doing everything we can to make the situation right. We show respect for the people around us, no matter what their role or situation.
    • Presentation: As professionals, we take pains to present ourselves as such.  Customer Service trouble tickets will be documented in proper English with full details.  We manage and update our client Site Books with considerable diligence and accurate documentation.  We answer the phone with a cheerful hello and speak clearly.  We're not afraid to pick up the phone!  Our engineers are polished, and they dress appropriately for the situation. We know it is important for all of us to present ourselves in a way that exudes an air of confidence and maintains respect in our competence and capabilities.

MSP IT Partners realizes that our small and medium-sized business clients don't benefit from our firm trying to scale, get big, and be bought out.  You want continuity.  You want stability.

Let's help your business run the way you need it to!


To request more information or to speak with a partner, please Contact Us or email,  or phone +1 (404) 996-0370 (US) or +44 (0) 161 706 0559 (UK)