MSP IT Partners has a call to all of you for cooperation or action.  If you're looking for people to invest capital in your practice and help you overcome the "owner's plateau", let's talk.

Not sure how to implement device-based, user-based or other complex contracts in your Line of Business systems or get your RMM tool not to cause damage? Check out our Services, maybe we can help!

We don't want to buy your customers.  We don't want to sell out to some big equity firm.  We don't want to scale in hierarchical models - heck we know how risky and limited it is when we setup our networks that way!

MSP IT Partners is a firm proponent of the DAO model - Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.  We believe IT is a people business which somewhere along the line forgot it was personal.  If you're interested, Contact Us and let's talk more about a true networked approach that's win-win for us, our clients, and our employees.

Check out Catherine Baird, Ph.D.'s story: