Small Business Ransomware Threats

Small Business Ransomware Threats

One of the biggest problems facing American businesses today is small business ransomeware threats. In fact, it is becoming a global threat. In 2017, a ransomware attack was launched every …

Taking Care of Business

About Us

Our History

MSP IT Partners was created from almost 20 years of delivering technology solutions to meet the needs of business — especially small to medium-sized businesses. From the birth of the business network (Novell, Microsoft, SUSE Linux) and the proliferation of personal computers (PCs) in the 1990s, this Practice Model has evolved with the high-tech industry as a whole.

We’ve gone from implementing huge mainframe centralized client-server systems to replacing manual human functions. We’ve done this through software development, web services, networks/infrastructure/hardware/cabling and optimizing for cost efficiencies and scale all the nuts and bolts needed to make information technology work. Now our information is virtual: hosted on the cloud, built into API’s and presented on-demand, as a service.

Our Vision

MSP IT Partners holds the vision that Small & Medium-sized Businesses should be able to get the IT help they need, rapidly and locally, when they need it, from trusted experts who care about the end-to-end experience!

We align with the motto: “Think Globally. Act Locally.”

The Practice Model brings together business technology specialists in all fields through a cooperative partnership with revenue and cost-sharing. It follows the DAO principle of decentralized autonomous organizations who, together, can deliver much higher quality, comprehensive solutions than any single corporation and, who by the very construct, are fault-tolerant ensuring the continuity of service.