Intuit's QuickBooks is the most common Accounting package utilized by all SMBs across the USA today.

We provide installation, integration and support services for QuickBooks as well as advisory and assistance in leveraging their outsourced credit card payment solutions to ease PCI compliance.

Sage is QuickBooks top competitor and dominates in key verticals like retail, manufacturing, distribution and some services.

We are in progress of becoming an authorized Sage Partner for Accounting and Payment Solutions and have established affiliations with top Sage business application consulting and development companies in Atlanta

Salesforce is the leading CRM solution used by small and medium sized businesses.

At this time, MSP IT Partners provides setup assistance and customization for the Salesforce Automation suite only as we vet existing Service Desk and Market specialists to find credible partners.

We also provide feature-to-functionality assistance for businesses planning or undergoing Salesforce Service Desk and other custom implementations due to the currently high failure rate of such projects.  At MSP IT Partners we believe in the KISS principle, in early wins with manageable scope, so we can show the application actually working for the business before trying to develop every possible use case scenario.  Scope definition, control and 3rd Party Project Management appears to be the best way we can help SMBs navigate their entry into this exciting but risky application.

ConnectWise Specialists.  MSP IT Partners has recently participated in implementation of LabTech version 11 which, unfortunately, had significant stability issues and bugs.  Click here for full list of outstanding issues with prognosis of when (if) such problems will be solved.  We know the Executives, the Support departments and we can help if you are having difficulty implementing one or several applications in the ConnectWise suite.

We have implemented complex agreements and billing automation in ConnectWise PSA with full integration from LabTech as well as custom reports, automated board and ticket workflows, and dashboards using BrightGuage.

We have deep hand's on expertise in setting up the ConnectWise suite of products for full back office automation as well as "show me" experience to guide our fellow IT Professionals on more limited, successful approaches.

N-Able Specialists. MSP IT Partners has experience implementing, configuring and managing N-Able for environments up to 5,000 network nodes and over 2,000 device end-points including templates, patch management, VMWare / Hyper-V host alerting, automated software deployment and reports.

We know the capabilities and the limitations.  Helping IT Professionals get the most out of your investment.

Spiceworks Suite for IT Professionals.  We have recently added a core competency with Spiceworks due to its strong capabilities in mobile device management, inventory and network scan / topology mapping.  As a free application, the Spicework suite has significant benefits automating day-to-day IT administration functions.

Join our discussion in the Spiceworks community or contact us directly to discuss the pros and cons of these applications and how they might best work for your practice.

Coming Soon:

Over the next few months, MSP IT Partners is committed to establishing the necessary partnerships and alliances with other IT Professionals to rapidly expand these capabilities especially in the areas of Web Hosting, Design & Support; Open Source / Blockchain /  Custom API & APP Development and Vertical Line of Business Applications for key industries:

  • Timberline & CRM Support
  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRM, BI
  • Bootcamp, Blackbaud, Echo360
  • Autotask Suite for Managed Service Providers