Computers, software, apps, phones and mobile devices . . . the list goes on!  Isn't it frustrating, liberating, and confusing all at once?

If you've been thinking that all this computer stuff is just way too hard to use and understand, you're right!  How are we supposed to tell what's safe to use, what won't break our systems, what will incur hidden charges, spy on us or steal our data?  Yet it's just as awesome to be able to plug an address into our phones and BAM! there's the directions? Magic!  To be able to chat and talk with our friends, family and colleagues all the way across the world with the click of a button?

And what would we do today without those helpful Word or Excel programs, our apps, all the tools we use that have taken us so far away from pen and paper, the typewriter and the fax machine we can barely remember how to even use 'em?

The good with the bad. Just two sides of the same spectrum.

Technology, like any tool, isn't innately right or wrong, it really all comes down to the question of how we as people use it!

At MSP IT Partners we take both parts of IT with equal import:

Both Information And Technology

Both what's good for this person or the organization they contributed to And what works technically.

At MSP IT Partners there are many right answers:

We understand Both | And!