5 Ways To Improve Cybersecurity For Small Businesses

Preventing cybersecurity breaches is important in any business, whether big or small. My Business discusses the five ways businesses can improve and tighten their cybersecurity.

Small businesses should build up and improve cybersecurity as it prevents possible data breaches that may cost the business a lot of money, critical information and relationships with investors and customers.

Consider the following when improving cybersecurity for your small business:

  • Create a cybersecurity plan
  • Backup and update computers
  • Supervise information access
  • Secure Wi-Fi and other connections
  • Involve and train employees

Create a cybersecurity plan

Creating a small business cyber security guide is the first step for business owners to ensure that their business is protected from cyber attacks.

The cybersecurity plan template should contain the best practices and should include guidelines on how to safe keep employee, business and customer information. It should contain the necessary protocols employees can refer to in the event of a cyber attack or a data breach. The cyber security plan must also be regularly updated especially if the business decides to integrate new security measures, update security devices or set up new processes or lines of command in the event of breaches.

Backup and update computers

Business owners should always make it a point to regularly update their electronic devices. This is especially important if the business is tech-heavy and relies on a lot of devices—such as desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices—to keep the business running. Operating systems, antivirus software and web browsers should always be kept updated to prevent cyber attacks.

Business owners should also consider investing in a reliable antivirus software and/or a firewall in order for business information to be protected from the most recent threats. As cybersecurity threats change every day, it is important to keep up and be constantly protected as well. Mobile devices, on the other hand, should also have a security software that can safeguard all necessary business information.

Supervise information access

Failing to tighten information access is one of the most common root causes of cyber attacks. Business owners should always supervise business computers and devices among employees, making sure that only those authorized to access business devices and information are allowed to do so. Even the most trusted clients should not be allowed anywhere near devices that contain sensitive information.

Business owners can consider implementing a hierarchy of information access depending on the rank and position of an employee. For example, an accountant is not allowed to share critical accounting details with someone from the marketing department. Creating individual login credentials and passwords for every employee can also help in securing the business from cybersecurity breaches.

Secure WiFi and other connections

Wi-Fi and internet connections might seem harmless, but for skilled data hackers, this can be an easy way to gain access to critical information of a particular establishment. To prevent this, make sure that WiFi and internet connections are secured with passwords and can only be accessed upon request.

If business owners want to offer a Wi-Fi connection to customers, it is best to install a separate connection for customers and for the business. This will make sure that business data is secured and other people cannot have access to information over the business’ private Wi-Fi.

Involve and train employees

The road towards cyber security is long, tiring and costly. It is important for business owners to make sure that all employees are involved in making sure that the business is safe from any external cyber threat that may cause harm to the business.

Employees must be updated and well-informed when it comes to detecting and addressing possible cyber attacks especially for employees who use the business’ devices. Informing employees about cybersecurity measures will ensure that no threat goes by undetected by the business.

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